Mass Dog Vaccinations Successful at Eliminating Rabies

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mass dog vaccinations are key to eliminatin rabies

Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. They?re nontoxic and dishwasher safe. Available . Great for small dogs and puppies. If I want a toy that will keep my dog busy I give her a Kong or ball.Mass Dog Vaccinations Successful at Eliminating Rabies Last updated on October 18, 2017 By Puppy Leaks Canine rabies has been controlled or eliminated throughout most of the developed world, but in developing countries it remains a major public health concern killing 69,000 people a year. This ball is my favorite toys for playing fetch outside. Here?s my 7 picks for the best indestructible dog toys. Available on Amazon. Eliminating rabies worldwide is feasible. Laika with her West Paw ball, our assorted Kongs, and her beloved Jolly Ball. Since the 1900s, the number of in North America has fallen from 100 or more each year to just one or two cases. Every time I leave for work Laika gets her Kong filled with some frozen peanut butter or broth; it works so well that she doesn?t even pay attention to my departure. And they?re tough ? after many years there?s a few slight signs of wear but nothing that?s punctured the material. I didn?t think would last a week because it?s so light, but boy was I wrong. 99% of human rabies cases in developing countries are caused by bites from dogs infected with the virus. They?re not fancy, they don?t squeak, and they don?t glow, spin, or shake ? but they last. Neither have any signs of damage, and the really small one is excellent for fetch in the house because it?s so light.6 million animals have been vaccinated, and over 150 million people have been educated about the risks of rabies. 9 times out of 10 if my dog brings me something it?s this ball. It?s not great for playing fetch inside the home due to it?s weight but it is indestructible. 4. See the West Paw Zogoflex toys in action: Why Do I Save All Those Destroyed Dog Toys? I save all those toys as a reminder of how much I?ve spent over the years. And for fun once in a while I?ll tie all of the scraps together to make ?mega toy,? and that?s always a big hit. Their Bumi Tug toy is one of our favorite tug toys, but it?s not indestructible like the others. What These Tough Dog Toys Have in Common They?re made to last & very durable These toys are great for tough chewers They don?t squeak None of these toys have stuffing These toys are great for They?re the only toys I?ve found that my dog can?t destroy They?re great toys for keeping your dog busy My 7 Favorite Indestructible Dog Toys So after going through hundreds of toys trying to pick our favorites there?s only 7 that made the list; these are the best indestructible dog toys you can buy. The scraps also make for a fun scavenger hunt for my dog. If your dog is a tough chewer I can?t recommend these enough. We?ve had ours for over 6 months and it still looks brand new. Running out of ideas on how to keep your dog entertained indoors? Check out our list of 33 easy & 26 simple ways to keep your . Since World Rabies Day was started on September 28 2007 there has been growing support for programs aiming to eliminate the virus worldwide. (it seriously makes Laika?s day, every single time) This post contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase I?ll earn a small commission. Much of the decline dates from the 1940s, when vaccination and animal control programmes were set up. Kong Ball ? Great Heavy Duty Ball We got ourselves a a few years back and I was surprised by how heavy it is. It has a little bit of wear and tear, but she hasn?t managed to break into it ? even after a few years. If you have a really big dog these might be too small, but they still work well for my Shepherd mix that?s 75 lbs. Rabies doesn?t cause a public health concern here because we?ve been vaccinating the majority of our dogs for years. We all want to find toys our dogs can?t destroy, toys that will keep them busy for hours, and toys that won?t be destroyed within seconds. I have my doubts when it comes to dog toys being indestructible, no matter what the package claims. Rabies in the United States In 2013 there was one case of human rabies in the United States. They?ve endured Laika?s jaws for years where many others have failed. To , health workers around the globe need to vaccinate about 70 percent of the world?s dog population, the team estimated. Indestructible enough for what? They don?t fare well against the jaws of a Shepherd mix, that?s for sure. ? National Center for Biotechnology Information A GARC collar shows that this puppy has received his rabies vaccination. She absolutely loves bouncing it around on her own. ? Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Rabies Kills 69,000 People a Year Even though the rabies vaccine has been available for years it remains a major health concern in developing countries. It?s usually transmitted to humans via saliva following a bite from an infected animal. West Paw guarantees their tough toys so if you?re not satisfied they?ll provide a one time free replacement. The Importance of Mass Dog Vaccinations Domestic dogs are the main source of rabies infections in Africa and Asia. 3. Available . The glow ball is light enough to play with indoors without having to worry about destroying the house.? Sound familiar? You?re not alone. The large size (3 inches) is perfect for my 75 pound dog, though I did read a few reviews that said this ball is too small for their extra large dogs. The Bohol Project The Bohol project was initiated in 2007 to eliminate rabies in the Philippines. Even though the worldwide estimate of stray dogs is 375 million experts believe mass vaccinations are logically feasible. When I?m not playing fetch with Laika she?ll go and play with this ball in the kitchen. Although rabies isn?t a public health concern in the developed world anymore it continues to plague those in developing countries. Available on . The West Paw Ball is available . A vast community of global networks and vaccination programs have been launched. 6. Out of all the toys we?ve tried the only ones that have remained in one piece after a few years are the balls & toys. It?s soft and has a little bit of flex to it ? it?s the only ?chew toy? that has lasted more than a day. A classic Kong is great because of it?s durability and multiple uses. An international team of veterinarians recently released a statement claiming that worldwide is feasible through mass dog vaccinations. It doesn?t bother me in the least, but then again Laika has made that noise over a million times now I?m probably immune. If we eliminate rabies we?ll not only be saving money in medical costs, we?ll be saving many human lives. But there are a few brands that fare better than the rest ? Kong & West Paw. But just as all the others before it met it?s fate and now sits in the dog toy graveyard. With the tools, vaccine and evidence available, an integrated investment strategy and intersectoral approach is needed to make this vision a reality. I want toys that last, not more scraps. You can help by spreading the word about the amazing progress we?ve made over the past few decades. And as an added bonus it glows in the dark. Their goal is to eliminate rabies by 2020. This is one tough ball; Laika has had it for years and you can?t even see a single bite mark on it. It helps me focus on quality rather than quantity. I?ve spent a lot of time teaching Laika the names of these toys, and we still use them for the game. When my dog is left alone with them I know they?ll , no matter how hard she tries to destroy them.? Please share with your friends ? ? Recommended Reading. With enough support and encouragement we can see an end to rabies in our lifetime. ? NPR Worldwide Eradication of Rabies is Feasible With Mass Dog Vaccinations Compared to other diseases affecting those in the developing world eliminating rabies can be done relatively quick and cheaply. Rabies is a preventable viral disease that causes inflammation of the brain in humans and other warm blooded species. But we do have a few toys that have lasted, a few that my dog can?t actually destroy. Benebones are manufactured in the USA, made with real bacon flavor, and their curved shape makes it easy for dogs to hold onto. Out of all the dog toys we own the Kong has found the most use over the years. After a couple of hours of chewing there?s some slight damage on the ends, but it?s nothing compared to what she does to similar toys. West Paw Ball ? My Dog?s Favorite Fetch Toy This has seen it all and it doesn?t have a single mark on it. Since Bohol started there has been only one human rabies death in the Philippines reported since 2008. The risk of human cases drops close to zero with that many dogs protected. The Kong ball & West Paw ball are the only two medium/large sized balls we have that have lasted for more than a year. West Paw Hurley Bone ? Indestructible Dog Chew Toy If your dog is in need of a tough chew toy I recommend the . Indestructible Dog Toys: Not Many Pass the Test ?Help! My dog destroys new toys within minutes. If you want something other than another ball check out the rest of the West Paw If your worried your dog is too much of a chewer they offer a free one-time replacement. Rubber toys usually last a bit longer than stuffed, but I?ve been disappointed many times. My dog has destroyed many toys that were labeled indestructible, some within minutes. The first rabies vaccine was developed over 100 years ago and it still hasn?t reached many in the developing world. The Griggles toy is smaller than my palm but somehow remains in one piece. They?re tough, they keep my dog busy, and they?re inexpensive compared to other chew toys. Classic Kong ? The Most Versatile Dog Toy One of the basics in any dog owners home ? everyone loves a nice . It?s too big to pick up, and yet my dog never tires of chasing it. Laika has had these for years and they?re still in amazing shape. Benebone ? Heavy Duty Chew Toy We?ve been using for over a year now and they?re great. The 10 inch version is what we went with ? and it?s perfect for my 75 lb dog. It?s not huge or heavy, but it?s pretty darn tough. Global freedom from the threat of dog-mediated rabies is feasible within our lifetime. The individual became infected after being bitten by a bat in Guatemala. Kongs Come in Sizes Appropriate for All Dogs We?ve had a couple of since my dog was a puppy for teething purposes and we still play with them 3 years later. The mass canine vaccination strategy has been shown to work in , , the , and in programs across . Mass dog vaccinations make sense economically, it?s much cheaper to vaccinate dogs compared to humans. Sure it doesn?t always land where you expect but it?s so light it?s not going to knock anything over. The smallest Kong shaped toy we have (the small brown one in the image below) is the Griggles Satellite . Laika continues to try and tear this toy apart and has had no luck. I?ve found so many great ways to full a Kong, here?s 39 foods & treats that are . The only downside is that every time your dog chomps down on it it?ll make a weird squishy type noise. 2. I was looking at all the scraps ? the left arm of blue monkey, the half eaten face of moo moo, and what?s left of daisy duck?s torso. What Are Your Dogs Favorite Indestructible Dog Toys? Does your dog destroy toys? Do you have any favorite brands? Which indestructible dog toys would you recommend? Do you have a dog toy graveyard of your own? If you do I suggest going over to them and tying them altogether, then watch the delight and enthusiasm on yourd dogs face as they receive their very first mega toy. As with any dog toy these are made much more exciting by interactive play. These bones will get some wear and tear after repeated use, but they?re much more durable than other bones we?ve tried. I have no idea what sort of magic this thing is made of but it?s truly awesome. There are many toys out there that claim to be indestructible, but these are the few that have stood up to that claim. Funding from the national government, provincial, municipal and village units, dog owners, NGOs, the regional office of the WHO, the UBS Optimus Foundation, and the Global Alliance for Rabies Control. 1. Chuck It! Max Glow Ball This glow ball is seriously awesome ? I didn?t think a lightweight ball of any kind stood a chance against Laika. And not just a little either, this thing is bright. Laika has 3 other toys from this line ? the Hurley Bone and the Tux Treat Toy that are in great shape after a lot of use. I was worried that this toy wouldn?t last after she somehow managed to get her teeth into it a few times ? but it?s lasted none the less. 5. Every morning I?m left with the image of my dog with her nose shoved in that Kong as I leave. Instead of buying dog toys impulsively I do a bit of research now. The best protection people can get from rabies is by vaccinating the animals in their community. The First Rabies Vaccine Virtually all rabies infections were fatal until Louis Pasteur and Emile Roux developed the first rabies vaccine in 1885. We play many soccer games in the great room with our Jolly ball, and Laika loves every minute of it. We did have one plush that lasted about a week ? it was a blue Kong dog. If you?ve ever had a dog with separation anxiety you know how amazing that is. It?s the easiest way I?ve found to keep a dog occupied with very little effort on my end. Puppy Kongs are available at most pet supplies stores and . We?ve gone through more than 100 toys over the past few years, but I?m finally able to say we?ve found a few truly tough dog toys that my dog can?t destroy. Since 2007 4. Vaccinating 70% of Dogs Is Key to Eradicating Rabies Experts say that vaccinating 70% of the world?s dog population is the key to eradicating rabies. ? Louis Pasteur Do you think Pasteur would be surprised to know that the disease is still so prevalent? Over 100 years since the first vaccine was developed and rabies still remains a public health concern throughout much of the developing world, killing over 69,000 people a year. The Chuck It! Max Glow Ball is available on amazon. Jolly Ball ? Fun Dog Toy That?s Hard to Puncture There?s something so magnetic about a to dogs, and I?ll admit I don?t really understand why. ? Additional Resources World Health Organization ? Control & Strategies Live Science ? Mass Could Eliminate Rabies Globally Global Alliance for IDP Journal ? Towards a Science of Scientific American ? Experts Urge to Eradicate Rabies USDA ? Potential Economic Benefits of Eliminating CDC ? : A Neglected, Re-emerging Zoonosis Recommended Reading Indestructible Dog Toys: Our 7 Favorite Tough Dog Toys Last updated on December 13, 2021 By Puppy Leaks While browsing through our destroyed dog toy graveyard the other day I realized something; we?ve gone through at least 100 toys over the past few years. Plenty of us buy ?indestructible? dog toys, only to find them shredded up a few minutes later. These guys never even stood a chance. I?ve bought many pull toys, balls, and oddly shaped rubber toys that? claimed to be indestructible. Kong & West Paw Zogoflex Toys Are Tough What have I learned after going through 100 toys? There aren?t many super tough dog toys out there, and even less truly indestructible ones. If you?re looking for the toughest dog toys check out our top 7 picks below. Make sure to buy the classic version without the handle; dogs can grab onto that handle and tear right into it. It?s light enough that it can be a decent fetch toy for indoors, and like all of the West Paw Zogoflex toys it floats in water and is dishwasher safe. ?7. Want a Tough Dog Toy? Stick to Kong & West Paw Toys If you want a dog toy that you can leave out without worry get yourself some Kongs, balls, and any of the West Paw . Get up and play a game of tug or fetch ? one simple game can turn any boring old toy into something exciting for your dog. The program costs $2. It gives your dog something to work for, a simple job, a goal to accomplish.5 million annually, but the cost savings from preventing deaths and illnesses will be repaid in 4-10 years.? If you suspect this might be too small for your dog check into the heavier Kong Ball. This is our go ball for games of fetch both indoors & out. But 3 years later it?s still one piece, without any signs of wear or tear. More than 69,000 people die from the rabies virus annually, more than half of them being children in Africa and Asia. I don?t care what sort of inverted sewing method was used to put it together ? if it?s stuffed Laika will find a way to destroy it

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